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Hey Guys, My name is Daniel. I'm going to be commentating on all the twists, turns, falls and triumphs of my dad and my, most probably hectic, trip to Antigua, Guatemala. Enjoy, and please comment!!!

Hot Springs

I have not recently bean writing…this is mostly because of the fact that I have access to Internet here 24/7(at home I only have Internet until seven in the evening).

Anyways, a couple of days ago we went to some pretty epic hot springs…there are a bunch of stone pools of different temperature in the middle of a jungle, it leaves quite an impression. Also, there are two pools that have a two meter elevation difference which makes a nice hot waterfall. ūüėÄ

Also I rubbed mud on my face!!!




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I think I’m going insane. I constantly have a crazy headache from the heat and my neck hurts.

That aside, we had our first day at our Spanish school!!!! Yayyyy….it was kinda boring, but hopefully it’s for the better, after all it would be a pity to sacrifice my countless but priceless brain cells to the heat for nothing. Excuse me while I go dunk my head in ice and eat tubs of ice cream.

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A Toast to Life

All I have the energy to write is that we climbed a mountain in 35 degree heat in order to visit a parrot reserve. The reserve was closed…Viva my death!!

Thanks for tuning in.


This is just the beginning. We do not speak of the end.

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We’re Here!!

Finally, after four hours of riding on a dirt cheap but very, very comfortable bus we have arrived!! Copan is best known for its Mayan ruins…so far I have not seen them-_- …false advertising anyone??

My dad and I were “amused” when our home stay family didn’t pick us up when we arrived. We cursed sinful curses as we trudged up an ancient forty five degree cobblestone hill to our school. We cursed all the way to our school. When we arrived at the school we were greeted by an elderly woman by the name of Cathy…which is weird because the owner of our school in Guatemala had the same name… Cathy promptly apologized and escorted us to out home stay family. I must say that the house we have this year is much nicer then our honestly house last year.

Anyways, my dad and I are gonna go chow on some local food….YUMMMM.

We shall keep you posted!


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So….I’m back in central America….and you know what that means?? It means I get to charge down the sides of mountains at breakneck speeds and I have to put up with armies of little children begging for money…

The coolest part about Honduras is that it’s very humid….if you pucker your lips and suck air through your teeth really fast water starts to form in your mouth -_- .

Anyways, me and my dad are getting on a bus today and traveling for four hours to Copan (Every person with at least the brain capacity of a sparrow should know where this is).

I want to say sorry for not posting part two yesterday…so here it is.

Day Two-Part 2

My dad and I are on a plane to Honduras….nothing interesting happens….

Stay tuned for more!!20120630-150909.jpg

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Day 2-Part 1

There is nothing like waking up to the bone shattering sound of a lawn mower! I just love it!! I hope out of bed and into the shower. What I really don’t understand about hotels is the soap and shampoo they give you, every time I step out of a hotel shower I smell like some sort of jam and get questioned about my “orientation”. Rest assured, I lean straight forward.

My angry rant aside, I am a bit more excited about traveling today…perhaps this is because I get to eat airport food….nevertheless I am excited and can’t wait to get of this ass numbing plane in order to transfer, in Houston, to an equally cursed plane.

Nothing can rival hurtling through the sky at 1000km/h in a pressurized metal cylinder.

Part two will be posted this evening…hopefully.


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Day 1

And so, as they say, the journey begins! I am sitting at front of an old, rather shabby, greyhound. My father sits next to me complaining about his soggy brown subway sandwich he bought three hours ago.

Frankly, I don’t know what to expect from this trip. I remember having this same exact feeling last year, my thoughts at the time were-“What the hell am I getting into?” Afterwards my train of thought included the following: My complete lack of Spanish in a Spanish speaking country, my dads awful accent, my dads incompetence at all travel related action, my dads competence at getting me in deep puddles of, to put it lightly, “dirt”. Afterwards my brain started exploring the life enlightening topic of owls.

Anyways, I have a fun four hour ride ahead of me with only a mentally unstable granny and my partially sane dad as company.

On a side note… It stopped raining. Yayyyyy!!!


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Imagination in Education

Exams are almost here. Everywhere around me I see my peers stressing and trying to memorize the events of the French revolution or the replication cycle of cells. What is the point of all this?? Students will memorize all the dates and cycles they need to memorize and some of them will get good grades, but this is just makes kids scared to make mistakes. Making a mistake will mean bad grades, angry parents, a bad university, and ultimately a bad life. Our society is built around correct, this needs to change: as soon as more people start to experiment more discoveries are made and more progress is made.


Mistakes are what make you learn, they make you think of a solution. Exams make a child scared to make mistakes so they quickly stop experimenting. Children become study robots- they wake up, go to school, try to absorb as much information as possible and then they go home to study.


There are a few people that still have the mental capacity to study and properly formulate their own original ideas, but most people will simply not be able to keep up with their studies. Children that still manage to keep their imagination mostly become artists. It is a well known fact that art schools have a low acceptance average. Why? Because the students applying to art schools still have an imagination and the capability to experiment, this leaves little time to study which then leads to bad marks.


The small part of our society that is able to keep up with their studies and experiment are the people that streamline and improve our countries, these are the people that drive the world forward. If we don’t utterly destroy the imagination of most children then more people will experiment, leading to more inventions and more progress.


The most important thing is thinking of a way to teach children without putting their imagination to sleep. For no reason must we stop teaching children sciences, maths or socials, because if you simply start focusing on creativity every single child will become an artist, which is not necessarily a bad thing… simply not what society needs for progress. In order for progress to be made you need to give children knowledge of the workings of the world and arm them with an imagination.

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More Cuts!!

Want to go watch a play? Sorry, you can’t. Another budget, another year of cuts to the entertainment sector and public education. Canada used to be a country where you could enjoy yourself and experience different cultures, it used to have nice schools. Now theatres are being closed, just recently the Vancouver Playhouse was shutdown because they were “Lacking Funds”. Perhaps the reason why they are being shutdown is because interest has drastically dropped since the rapid introduction of new entertainment technologies, but I know for a fact that their is still demand. My parents and grandparents for example, they still immensely enjoy going to the theater.

Teacher protests have been on the fore-front of news for quite a while now. They are fighting for a salary raise and because of the lack of cooperation from the government they have stopped giving out report cards. For many kids this is a blessing, no doubt not having their parents know about their failures in school lets them avoid awkward explanations and uncomfortable encounters with their parents. But for students in grade 12 applying for university this is a very serious problem and makes their application prospects very limited. Not only are report cards being refused but so are co-curricular activities. No more rugby, dance shows or football gives youth lots of free time and nothing to do. This could very well be a catalyst for more youth drug abuse and a higher crime rate.

The teacher union is unlikely to step down until some changes are implemented. Since it is the duty of the government to ensure the well being of its citizens then they must start being more flexible in their dealings with the teachers union and find some resources.

The budget cuts of the Harper government is affecting many people, and you might say but there is nothing else to do, they have no money. Then tell me why they are buying brand new fighter jets when there is no military threat and why is Harper‚Äôs government spending billions of dollars to try and attract pipeline projects. The government has money but the question is -“Why is it not being used in a smart way?”

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So… my blog is aliveeeee!!!!

Hey there,

I’m reincarnating my blog….¬†unfortunately¬†there¬†isn’t¬†gonna¬†be lots of crazy epic stories….because, well I’m not in Guatemala and I’am to lazy to write them.¬†

I will¬†mainly¬†be posting different essays(feel free to rage at me :/)…

But(wait for it)… every once in a while I will write about funny stuff that has happened to me and cool stuff I have found….





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