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So….I’m back in central America….and you know what that means?? It means I get to charge down the sides of mountains at breakneck speeds and I have to put up with armies of little children begging for money…

The coolest part about Honduras is that it’s very humid….if you pucker your lips and suck air through your teeth really fast water starts to form in your mouth -_- .

Anyways, me and my dad are getting on a bus today and traveling for four hours to Copan (Every person with at least the brain capacity of a sparrow should know where this is).

I want to say sorry for not posting part two yesterday…so here it is.

Day Two-Part 2

My dad and I are on a plane to Honduras….nothing interesting happens….

Stay tuned for more!!20120630-150909.jpg

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Day 2-Part 1

There is nothing like waking up to the bone shattering sound of a lawn mower! I just love it!! I hope out of bed and into the shower. What I really don’t understand about hotels is the soap and shampoo they give you, every time I step out of a hotel shower I smell like some sort of jam and get questioned about my “orientation”. Rest assured, I lean straight forward.

My angry rant aside, I am a bit more excited about traveling today…perhaps this is because I get to eat airport food….nevertheless I am excited and can’t wait to get of this ass numbing plane in order to transfer, in Houston, to an equally cursed plane.

Nothing can rival hurtling through the sky at 1000km/h in a pressurized metal cylinder.

Part two will be posted this evening…hopefully.


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