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Hot Springs

I have not recently bean writing…this is mostly because of the fact that I have access to Internet here 24/7(at home I only have Internet until seven in the evening).

Anyways, a couple of days ago we went to some pretty epic hot springs…there are a bunch of stone pools of different temperature in the middle of a jungle, it leaves quite an impression. Also, there are two pools that have a two meter elevation difference which makes a nice hot waterfall. 😀

Also I rubbed mud on my face!!!




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So in the past week I’ve been pretty lazy and written nothing… here’s a short summary:

I slept quite a bit, the usual midnight ramblings about my imaginary friend chicken included.

Played pool with some girls from the UK and got my ass whopped with cue sticks.

Played pingpong with the leader of the democratic party of Guatemala… (No Biggy).

Was served a Cuba Libre by a later innocent looking bartender.

Spent the equivalent of five hours bargaining for a hammock, I finally bought it for nine dollars…turns out the hammock I bought was for babies and I can fit my foot in it.

Went to a upscale restaurant and managed to ruin a very fancy looking table cloth after I spewed out a mouth full of lobster when my dad told me it’s my job to clean the septic tank in our house when we get back from Guatemala…

To sum it up….I hope I had a rather un-embarrassing week.

Il try to write a blog post about our plane flight home….(If I’m not to lazy:/)

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