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Hot Springs

I have not recently bean writing…this is mostly because of the fact that I have access to Internet here 24/7(at home I only have Internet until seven in the evening).

Anyways, a couple of days ago we went to some pretty epic hot springs…there are a bunch of stone pools of different temperature in the middle of a jungle, it leaves quite an impression. Also, there are two pools that have a two meter elevation difference which makes a nice hot waterfall. 😀

Also I rubbed mud on my face!!!




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We’re Here!!

Finally, after four hours of riding on a dirt cheap but very, very comfortable bus we have arrived!! Copan is best known for its Mayan ruins…so far I have not seen them-_- …false advertising anyone??

My dad and I were “amused” when our home stay family didn’t pick us up when we arrived. We cursed sinful curses as we trudged up an ancient forty five degree cobblestone hill to our school. We cursed all the way to our school. When we arrived at the school we were greeted by an elderly woman by the name of Cathy…which is weird because the owner of our school in Guatemala had the same name… Cathy promptly apologized and escorted us to out home stay family. I must say that the house we have this year is much nicer then our honestly house last year.

Anyways, my dad and I are gonna go chow on some local food….YUMMMM.

We shall keep you posted!


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So….I’m back in central America….and you know what that means?? It means I get to charge down the sides of mountains at breakneck speeds and I have to put up with armies of little children begging for money…

The coolest part about Honduras is that it’s very humid….if you pucker your lips and suck air through your teeth really fast water starts to form in your mouth -_- .

Anyways, me and my dad are getting on a bus today and traveling for four hours to Copan (Every person with at least the brain capacity of a sparrow should know where this is).

I want to say sorry for not posting part two yesterday…so here it is.

Day Two-Part 2

My dad and I are on a plane to Honduras….nothing interesting happens….

Stay tuned for more!!20120630-150909.jpg

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Day 2-Part 1

There is nothing like waking up to the bone shattering sound of a lawn mower! I just love it!! I hope out of bed and into the shower. What I really don’t understand about hotels is the soap and shampoo they give you, every time I step out of a hotel shower I smell like some sort of jam and get questioned about my “orientation”. Rest assured, I lean straight forward.

My angry rant aside, I am a bit more excited about traveling today…perhaps this is because I get to eat airport food….nevertheless I am excited and can’t wait to get of this ass numbing plane in order to transfer, in Houston, to an equally cursed plane.

Nothing can rival hurtling through the sky at 1000km/h in a pressurized metal cylinder.

Part two will be posted this evening…hopefully.


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Day 1

And so, as they say, the journey begins! I am sitting at front of an old, rather shabby, greyhound. My father sits next to me complaining about his soggy brown subway sandwich he bought three hours ago.

Frankly, I don’t know what to expect from this trip. I remember having this same exact feeling last year, my thoughts at the time were-“What the hell am I getting into?” Afterwards my train of thought included the following: My complete lack of Spanish in a Spanish speaking country, my dads awful accent, my dads incompetence at all travel related action, my dads competence at getting me in deep puddles of, to put it lightly, “dirt”. Afterwards my brain started exploring the life enlightening topic of owls.

Anyways, I have a fun four hour ride ahead of me with only a mentally unstable granny and my partially sane dad as company.

On a side note… It stopped raining. Yayyyyy!!!


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So in the past week I’ve been pretty lazy and written nothing… here’s a short summary:

I slept quite a bit, the usual midnight ramblings about my imaginary friend chicken included.

Played pool with some girls from the UK and got my ass whopped with cue sticks.

Played pingpong with the leader of the democratic party of Guatemala… (No Biggy).

Was served a Cuba Libre by a later innocent looking bartender.

Spent the equivalent of five hours bargaining for a hammock, I finally bought it for nine dollars…turns out the hammock I bought was for babies and I can fit my foot in it.

Went to a upscale restaurant and managed to ruin a very fancy looking table cloth after I spewed out a mouth full of lobster when my dad told me it’s my job to clean the septic tank in our house when we get back from Guatemala…

To sum it up….I hope I had a rather un-embarrassing week.

Il try to write a blog post about our plane flight home….(If I’m not to lazy:/)

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July 22nd

I’m not gonna bore you with the usual story of our nine hour bus ride to Chumuk Champey, me puking on people or about me saying very embarrassing things in my sleep…..I’m just gonna say it was a long sweaty bus ride to the middle of nowhere and that we managed to squash a chicken, I lost my shoe and looked like a mental patient at the end of it all…

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Hey, so we are going to be leaving for the weekend to explore some random caves and go tubing….since I’m a time traveler I traveled into the future and this is what I saw….


Allrighty I shall be righting a couple big posts on Monday cuz I can’t take the iPad….but I will be uploading photos and little stories…….now I suggest you go munch on your pillows.

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July 16th

I wake up to the sound of my dad cackling like hyena, he’s pointing at my sheets and sputtering-“You haave a looosyy goooossyy bladdaaa”. I look down, realize my sheets are wet, jump of my bed with a very manly shreik and rush of to the bathroom to inspect myself, I take care to not get eaten by furious faced cockroaches.

I emerge from the bathroom several minuets later ready to kill. I attack my dad with anger leaping across my face, I try to convince him over and over again it was sweat…but to no anvil…I only succeed in getting myself thrown into river by my rather unamused dad.

I climb out of the river dripping scalding water after a long, deflating fight with the Schwarzenegger of currents. I don’t bother using a towel as I stomp off furiously to breakfast, complaining about my back like an eighty year old Grandpa with no spine. The cockroaches follow, their whiskers twitching in unison the “—- You” song by Celo Green.

After breakfast we hire a lancha to take us to Livingstone. My previous experience with lanchas still fresh in my mind I take extra time to strap myself to the boat. First the lanch driver takes us to the infamous “Island of Birds”. It’s a small ten by ten meter island in the middle of the river that is used as a home for thousands of birds. Every person that has ever tried to venture on the island was soaked by poop rain, it’s constantly raining there. It was quite amazing. While taking photos of the birds flying above our heads, I see, through the cameras lens, a white gooey substance exit a bird and speed towards me. Being as ninja as I am I fling myself to the other side of the boat to avoid an uncomfortable collision, unfortunately I forgot that I strapped myself to the boat. I watch in agony as the substance zooms towards me…SPLAT, my brand new shirt is ruined.

After my unhygienic encounter we continue on our journey…I’m now wearing my dads humongous sweater on my bare skin and sweating like a dead cow in August.

Next we go to a natural hot spring that reeks of rotten eggs. People around me erupt in geysers of stomach smoothies, I almost throw up too but I manage to gulp down some disgusting, silty river water that saves me from even more embarrassment. Clutching on to my stomach I now wish that I had thrown up instead of drunk that goddamn water. I stumble blindly behind our tour guide to some natural sauna, moaning about my stomach. Without realizing that the rest of the group has stopped to look at a lizard I keep on going forward. Suddenly there’s nothing supporting my feet and I cartwheel down a flight of stairs screaming like my sister. I fall straight into the natural sauna. It smells like rotten eggs. I look up and see my dad standing at the top of the stairs. He tells me my dream of becoming a spy will go nowhere because instead of becoming better at life I fail more and more….and more.

Finally after the sauna we go to Livingstone. We are greeted by a black man that claims his name is Aston Martin….Yeah right. Anyway there’s absolutely nothing to do in Livingstone besides eat bloody chicken and try not to be eaten by the Alligators that have claimed their home in the central fountain. I thought it would be fun to poke them with a stick. Half a second later I got half my hair chopped off by a cute baby gator still in diapers. One good thing came out of Livingstone…I got a very badly needed haircut for free!

After eating our bloody chicken in Livingstone we went to the “Seven Sacred Pools”. We are led to the bottom of the sacred pools by a guide that wishes us luck and leaves. We set off up the smooth rocks with water pouring over our feet. Half way up the fourth pool I have a violent sneezing fit, shocked my dad turns toward my direction rapidly. He manages to elbow me in the solar plexus and propel me into the pool below. Before I surely plunge to my death I let out a strangled pledge that I will get my dad. I emerge from the water the second time today and I’m already hatching a plan. The cockroaches follow me composing a song with their whiskers.

Finally we reach the top of the seventh pool. My dad has his back exposed to me and is taking pictures of the pools below. Snickering I tense my body and give him a nice boot in the arse.

My dad gets out of the pool and charges of to the lancha. On the lancha I shake his hand and tell him it was a game well played, he lifts his nose up high and tells me it’s not over. I don’t believe him.

At the hotel my dad mockingly refuses to buy me dinner and orders himself a huge steak, with an extra big serving of fries. Defeated I go back to our stifling room and faint from the heat.

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Check it out…

For all you people out there that are obsessed with French check out this blog:

Its a fellow students blog in our Spanish school….it’s got some amazing photos of central America….and all the posts are in French 😮

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