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More Cuts!!

Want to go watch a play? Sorry, you can’t. Another budget, another year of cuts to the entertainment sector and public education. Canada used to be a country where you could enjoy yourself and experience different cultures, it used to have nice schools. Now theatres are being closed, just recently the Vancouver Playhouse was shutdown because they were “Lacking Funds”. Perhaps the reason why they are being shutdown is because interest has drastically dropped since the rapid introduction of new entertainment technologies, but I know for a fact that their is still demand. My parents and grandparents for example, they still immensely enjoy going to the theater.

Teacher protests have been on the fore-front of news for quite a while now. They are fighting for a salary raise and because of the lack of cooperation from the government they have stopped giving out report cards. For many kids this is a blessing, no doubt not having their parents know about their failures in school lets them avoid awkward explanations and uncomfortable encounters with their parents. But for students in grade 12 applying for university this is a very serious problem and makes their application prospects very limited. Not only are report cards being refused but so are co-curricular activities. No more rugby, dance shows or football gives youth lots of free time and nothing to do. This could very well be a catalyst for more youth drug abuse and a higher crime rate.

The teacher union is unlikely to step down until some changes are implemented. Since it is the duty of the government to ensure the well being of its citizens then they must start being more flexible in their dealings with the teachers union and find some resources.

The budget cuts of the Harper government is affecting many people, and you might say but there is nothing else to do, they have no money. Then tell me why they are buying brand new fighter jets when there is no military threat and why is Harper’s government spending billions of dollars to try and attract pipeline projects. The government has money but the question is -“Why is it not being used in a smart way?”

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